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Why (some) Indian Startups fail – case in point being Byjus and Paytm and some others on the verge… Capt. Rahul Sharma A HR professional / CHRO with over 30 years of experience with a strong background in Employee Engagement,PMS,OD,CM/ held senior-level HR, Trg and Security positions at several large organisations/ Army Veteran. 22 articles April 19, 2024 Open Immersive Reader From an HR perspective, the downturns of Byju's and Paytm and others highlight crucial shortcomings in their organizational strategies and compliance with their own mission and vision, exacerbated by rapid expansion and disregard for regulatory and internal governance. Byju's faced significant issues related to a toxic work culture and high employee turnover. The company pursued aggressive expansion, both geographically and through acquisitions, without sufficient consideration of the integration and cultural alignment of these new components with the existing structure. This aggressive approach led to u