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Importance of Bringing Humour to The Workplace.Creating a Positive and Productive Environment Humour can have a positive impact on the work environment. It reduces stress and improves team collaboration, communication, and trust. It also increases productivity, generates ideas, and brings people closer together. But is it really necessary? Well, according to the famous stand-up comedian Bill Burr, many workplaces need to lighten up. His humorous quote  “Working in an office is like being in prison; without bars, so you can see them ” rings true for many companies. Today’s workplace is very different from the one a decade or two ago. People are no longer confined to cubicles and offices. They work from home, in cafes and even at airports. Thanks to technology, we can even connect with people all over the world in real-time. With all these changes, work has become much less formal than before. People are friendlier and more informal, which is great news for introverts who need a quiet sp